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    The Faculty offers challenging multi-disciplinary Master's programmes, closely connected to our research.

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  • Meet Randy Dumas, a physics researcher at the University of Gothenburg

    The Faculty of Science is producing short films in which our employees share their experiences. This is about Randy Dumas, physics researcher in materials science.

  • Researching underwater forests

    Meet Angelica Ardehed, Ph.D. student. »
    Researching underwater forests
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    The University of Gothenburg is the leading university in Sweden for studies in the marine sciences.

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The Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science includes all the major subject areas in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences. With 6 500 students and 730 employees it is the second largest Faculty at the University of Gothenburg.

Remarkable global fungal biodiversity established using DNA-based methods

[Nov 28, 2014] An international team of scientists from more than 20 countries has examined the diversity of fungi using 365 soil samples from six continents. Nearly 45 000 species of fungi were found, of which but a quarter were known from before from DNA sequence data. The results show that climate and soil-related factors are decisive for fungal colonisation, which casts doubt on previous estimates of the magnitude of fungal diversity. Read more >>

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