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Research areas at the Faculty of Science

A directory of research areas at the Faculty of Science.

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Animal ecology | Biology with an emphasis on Systematics and Biodiversity | Chemical ecology | Ecotoxicology | Ecophysiology and biogeochemistry | Ecology and conservation | Fish, Shellfish and Aquaculture | Functional and structural dynamics in benthos | Herbarium GB | ICZM and Conservation biology | Molecular ecology, evolution and genomics | Pelagic ecology | Plant cell and molecular biology | Stress and Global change biology | Systematics and Biodiversity| Theoretical ecology and Modelling | Zoophysiology

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Analytical chemistry | Atmospheric science | Biochemistry | Biophysics | Dermatochemistry | Electrochemistry| Environmental nanochemistry| Genetics | Inorganic chemistry | Marine chemistry | Medicinal Chemistry | Microbiology | Molecular Biology | Organic chemistry| Physical chemistry | Surface biophysics

Department of Conservation

Built Environment | Conservation of Cultural Heritage Objects | Craftsmanship

Department of Earth Sciences

Climate | Marine Environment | Geological Resources and Risks

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory | Biomathematics, Biostatistics and Other Bioapplications | Complex Analysis of Several Variables | Computational Mathematics | Discrete Mathematics | Extreme Values and Risk Management | Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations | Many Particles Systems and Kinetic Theory | Optimization | Probability Theory | Reliability of Engineering Systems | Spatial Statistics, Stochastic Geometry and Imaging | The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Research Group

Department of Physics

Astronomy and astro physics | Atomic and molecular physics | Complex Systems/Bioimaging | Condensed Matter Physics

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