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Research areas at the Faculty of Science

A directory of research areas at the Faculty of Science.

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Physiology and Cell BiologyEvolutionary Biology and Systematics
Conservation and EcologyEnvironmental Science

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Analytical chemistry | Atmospheric science | Biochemistry | Biophysics | Dermatochemistry | Electrochemistry| Environmental nanochemistry| Genetics | Inorganic chemistry | Marine chemistry | Medicinal Chemistry | Microbiology | Molecular Biology | Organic chemistry| Physical chemistry | Surface biophysics

Department of Conservation

Built Environment | Conservation of Cultural Heritage Objects | Craftsmanship

Department of Earth Sciences

Climate | Marine Environment | Geological Resources and Risks

Department of Marine Sciences

Marine evolutionary biology | Chemical signals in the sea | Polar research | Climate change and the marine environment | Integrated coastal zone management | Underwater Cultural Heritage | Sustainable Mariculture | Physical Transport and Spread in the Coastal Zone

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory | Biomathematics, Biostatistics and Other Bioapplications | Complex Analysis of Several Variables | Computational Mathematics | Discrete Mathematics | Extreme Values and Risk Management | Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations | Many Particles Systems and Kinetic Theory | Optimization | Probability Theory | Reliability of Engineering Systems | Spatial Statistics, Stochastic Geometry and Imaging | The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Research Group

Department of Physics

Astronomy and astro physics | Atomic and molecular physics | Complex Systems/Bioimaging | Condensed Matter Physics