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Faculty awards

Here is a listing of the awards handed out at the Faculty of Science.

Research Award

The Research Award is given for developing a research line that significantly contributes to novelty of the research at the Faculty of Science. The award holder will receive a diploma and a prize of 250 000 SEK for research.


  • Awarded researchers

    2018, Anna Godhe

    Department of Marine Sciences

    Motivation for the award:

    Anna Godhe is a marine ecologist with specific expertise and research interests in the molecular ecology of phytoplankton. Her pioneering research brings together conventional disciplines in widely differing research projects, together with national and international colleagues from vastly differing disciplines. Anna Godhe has discovered and uses a system where she can revive diatoms to life from sediment that is several hundreds of years old. This makes it possible to study both currently living and very old individuals of the same species from the same place and to compare them to discover how the environment and climate have impacted them. Anna Godhe has created a dynamic and successful research environment around this approach.

    Read more about the Research Award 2018

    2017, Rebecka Jörnsten

    Department of Mathematics

    Rebecka JörnstenMotivation for the award:

    Rebecka Jörnsten is a biostatistician who works across the entire field from basic statistical theory and method development to applications in close collaboration with medical scientists and biologists. She deserves much of the credit for introducing the new big data paradigm in the previously more traditionally-oriented mathematical statistics environment in Gothenburg. In this way she has had a crucial vitalizing effect on this research environment. She has made significant contributions to the theory of large scale modeling, dimensional reduction, variable selection and network methodology, as well as to applications in bioinformatics, cancer research and systems biology.

    Read about the Research Award 2017

    2016, Orsola Tommasi

    Department of Mathematics 

    Motivation for the award:

    "Orsola Tommasi works in the field of algebraic geometry and specialises in the study of so-called moduli spaces. She has made relevant and well-recognised contributions in a research field of central importance in modern number theory and theoretical physics. By providing counterexamples to fundamental assumptions, her research stretches the frontier to the unknown within mathematical theory. In this way she has established herself as a first-class mathematician. Orsola Tommasi is outgoing, has broad interests and contributes through her knowledge to fruitful collaborations and the development of research in her own and adjacent fields."

    Read more about Research Award 2016

    2015, Alexandre Antonelli

    Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

    Motivation for the award:

    "Alexandre Antonelli is a leading researcher who has built up a new interdisciplinary research area at the Faculty of Science: Evolutionary biogeography. He has quickly established a strong and creative platform through his broad networks and international recruitments, where he combines advanced technology, large amounts of data and development of methodology. The result is excellent publications, prestigious grants and visibility in the media. Alexandre Antonelli combines the ability to collaborate and inspire with innovative research of the highest quality in a very impressive way."

    Read more about Research Award 2015

    2014, Sam Dupont

    Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

    Motivation for the award:

    "Sam Dupont is a leading researcher in a very urgent research area: how marine species and ecosystems are affected by global warming and ocean acidification caused by high carbon dioxide levels. With independence, accuracy, integrity and excellence, he has contributed to basic understanding of these complex issues.

    He has also renewed the laboratory operations at Kristineberg by developing the Ocean acidification laboratory."

    Read more about Research Award 2014

    2013, Sofia Thorsson

    Department of Earth Sciences

    Motivation for the award:

    "Sofia Thorsson's research on urban climate contributes to renewal within the Faculty of Science. This is especially true in her close collaboration with psychologists, medical practitioners and logistics, which has given knowledge about links between weather, well-being, health and mobility. Sofia is a great research leader - she is innovative and successful in collaborations within and outside the academy and has an excellent ability to receive external funding in fierce competition."

    2012, Göran Hilmersson

    Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

    2011, Johan Åkerman

    Department of Physics

    2010, Richard Neutze

    Department of Chemistry

    2009, Hans Linderholm

    Department of Earth Sciences

    2008, Henrik Pavia

    Departmen of Marine ecology


  • Doctoral Thesis Award

    This award is given for successful and novel research that has been presented in a well written thesis. The award holder will receive a diploma and a prize.

  • Awarded PhD students

    2018, Kristina Linscott

    Department of Conservation

    Read more about Doctoral Thesis award 2018

    2017, Afshin Houshang

    Department of Physics

    Read more about Doctorial Thesis award 2017

    2016, Jonas Einarsson

    Department of Physics

    Read more about Doctorial Thesis award 2016

    2015, Ezio Iacocca

    Department of Physics

    Read more about Doctoral Thesis Award 2015

    2014, Linda Johansson

    Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

    2013, Swantje Enge

    Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

    2012, Gustav Sonne

    Department of Physics

    2011, Aron Hakonen

    Department of Chemistry

    2010, Anders Lennartsson

    Department of Chemistry


  • The Pedagogical Award

    The Faculty of Science’s Pedagogical Award is awarded annually to focus attention on good efforts within education. The award, which consists of a SEK 100,000 operational contribution.

    After 2012 The Pedagogical Award transformed from being an Award for the entire university to be an Award at eatch Faculty.

  • Awardees

    2018, Kristina Luthman

    Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

    Motivation for the award:

    Professor Kristina Luthman has had a significant role in establishing medicinal chemistry in Gothenburg. Luthman has also contributed to ensuring dermatochemistry began as a subject at the University of Gothenburg. With a leading medicinal chemistry programme at the university, the pharmacy and prescriptionist programmes were established as important professional programmes. Through her dedicated work in several significant working groups and committees, Luthman has had a major influence in how both these programmes have been designed since their start, which is also true for courses in organic chemistry. Today, Luthman is a leading medicinal chemist in Europe and she has maintained a large amount of research activities over many years. In addition, in Luthman we see a very appreciated teacher, by both students and colleagues, who has shown great professionality in how she tackles her mission within undergraduate education. With a student-focused approach, she has created a balance of requirements and fairness, contributed with important expertise and eagerly driven development of her subject for the benefit of many programmes at the University of Gothenburg.

    Read more about the Pedagogical Award 2018

    2017, Michael Axelsson

    Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

    Motivation for the award:

    "Michael Axelsson was awarded the Faculty of Science’s Pedagogical Award for his long-standing efforts as a pioneer, trendsetter and driving force for IT-based teaching in biology at the University of Gothenburg.

    Since 1998, Michael has developed his own, the entire department’s and later the faculty’s and university’s understanding of IT-based education. Michael uses a wide-ranging of interactive IT-based teaching and, early on, he began using recorded material in his instruction. Michael has also built up an ALC room at the department and is pushing to spread its use with colleagues."

    Read more about the Pedagogical Award 2017


    2016, Gunnar Almevik

    Department of Conservation





    2015, Kerstin Wiklander

    Department of Mathematics






    2014, Anne Farewell

    Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology







    There was no award in 2013.


    In 2012 Maria Sundin from Department of Physics received Gothenburg University's Pedagogical Award


    In 2005 Anne Farewell from Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology received Gothenburg University's Pedagogical Award.


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